51st Humor Salon: 2024 Selection Jury will be made up entirely of women!

This year’s selection jury, which meets between the 13th and 14th of July, will be made up of Bruna Caritá, Andreza Delgado, Lorena Kaz, Monalisa Martins, Valquiria Vlad, Fani Loss and Paloma Alexandrino (Palomita). They join cartoonist Fabiane Langona, who signs the salon’s poster. Furthermore, it is worth remembering that the Thematic category of the 51st Salon is Women.

Bruna Caritá is a business administrator, postgraduate in marketing, owner of Galeria Bauhaus Piracicaba;

Andreza Delgado is creative director, curator and specialist in Nerd and Gamer culture, co-creator of PerifaCon, the first nerd convention in the favelas;

Lorena Kaz is a writer, illustrator and comic artist.

Mona Lisa Martins is the architect and creator of the first exclusive gallery for HQ in Brazil, 9ª Arte Gallery

Valquiria Vlad is an advertiser, author of fiction and non-fiction books, communications manager at Catarse;

Fani Loss is an illustrator, infographicist, cartoonist and caricaturist

Paloma Alexandrino (Palomita) is a communicator, presenter, actress and one of the pioneers of short videos on TikTok and Reels.

Junior Kadeshi, director of Cedhu, comments on the historical composition of the jury for the 51st edition of the event. “It is a courageous and bold initiative to begin a new stage of the Salon in its 51st edition. Sônia Luyten, a Brazilian comics researcher, started a conversation with me last year, at the HQ Mix Awards, in SP, about an all-female jury. At the beginning of this year, Kevin Freitas, president of the edition, also made the same suggestion. It couldn’t be any different. So, we took on the challenge of creating a 100% female selection jury, in addition to the suggested theme for the edition, which is Women”.

The president of the 51st Humor Salon, Kevin Freitas, in his first year in office, talks about the choice. “When we look a little more at the history of the Salon, which has featured great female names since its inception, we realized that we could still give more space to artists. So we came up with the idea of revisiting the theme Woman, used in 1980, to get an idea of what has changed in humor over the last 25 years. And more than that, why not have an exhibition precisely through their vision?”

REGISTRATION OPEN – Registration of works for this year’s edition has been open since 4/04 and continues until 16/06. The registration form and regulations, which provide dates, participation rules, prizes and other information, are available on the event website salaointernacionaldehumor.com.br.

Each artist can submit a maximum of three works per category, which in this 51st edition are: cartoon (graphic humor with universal and timeless themes), cartoon (graphic humor with current journalistic themes), caricature (graphic humor that expresses physical features and/or or known personality character). strips/comics (graphic art in sequence; stories with a maximum of two pages will be accepted for comics) and sculptures (3D humorous works), in addition to the Unimed Saúde Award.